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Inteded use of our website

This website is intended to use as a contact point of getting the services provided by us.

If you find any unusual behavior by the website please contact us at contact@kmudgal.com

You are not allowed to exploit any bug in our website, doing this will result in legal action taken by us against you.

Control is with the user

We give the user of this website complete control over their data. If you want to delete your data with us before 1 year retention period, just send us an email or contact via phone and we will delete it. Unless any law prohibits us from doing so we will delete your data upon your request within 7 days of your request.



Contact us via email or phone


Submit a request to delete your data. telling us the reason totally depends on you


We will check if any law is prohibiting us from deleting your data


we will contact you with the confirmation of our action